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Latest Version: 5.02

Extra Boy Pro (name derived from 'Extract') is a tool that can be used to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance ANY part of a stereo audio track! Extra Boy Pro operates in real-time and is not restricted to vocal processing only. Extra Boy Pro incorporates a unique 2D Spectral-Spatial editing mode by which individual instruments, having been visually identified by their Spectral-Spatial graphical signature, can simply be deleted from the mix! Alternatively, an instrument that needs a boost can be boosted by simply drawing a Region of Interest (ROI) around its Spectral-Spatial signature and increasing the gain in that part of the mix. Multiple ROIs can be drawn and deleted independently. This provides the capability to delete, isolate or boost multiple instruments. A scrolling Spectrograph mode provides a further powerful diagnostic tool by which to visually identify individual instruments and edit their audio properties.

Check out the demos below:

Original Arrangement (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro removes Bass (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro removes Percussion (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro removes Piano (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro isolates Piano only (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro removes Vocal (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro isolates Vocal only (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro isolates Piano & Vocal (mp3)
Extra Boy Pro boosts Piano & Bass (mp3)

The first demo is an original segment of stereo audio material. From this original segment, Extra Boy Pro is used to realize various manipulations by selectively identifying Spectral-Spatial signatures and removing, isolating or boosting them during audio playback.

Do-It-Yourself Demo!

To recreate these demos yourself, you can download the following files for use in the Extra Boy Pro demo plug-in:

Original Arrangement (wav)

Preset bank (fxb) for Extra Boy Pro (demo release only)

Make sure that your VST host application is running at 48kHz sample rate (this is important because this is the rate for which the presets are valid). Unzip and load the "look_of_love_full.wav" file into a track in your host application. Load up Extra Boy Pro, either as an insert effect on the same track or as a master effect, and load in the "Demo_Extra_Boy_Pro.fxb" preset bank. When you check the available presets, the top 9 will be able to demonstrate various removal and isolation possibilities, for this audio clip. Press play, on your host application, and browse through the presets to hear the effect on the audio clip.

Attention: Extra Boy Pro should produce satisfactory results with a large variety of stereo material. However, due to the vast range of techniques used in audio recording, it is not possible to guarantee good results in every case. You are strongly advised to download and thoroughly test the Extra Boy Pro demo before purchasing.


  • Unique '2D Mode' Spectral-Spatial freehand audio signature editing functionality providing arbitrary manipulation of any part of a stereo mix. (Elevayta proprietary).
  • Real-time operation.
  • Twice the audio resolution (higher quality) compared to Extra Boy.
  • High quality isolation, removal, suppression or enhancement of ANY part of a stereo audio track!
  • Vertical scrolling high resolution Spectral-Spatial display.
  • Up to 200 independent Regions-of-Interest (ROI) can be selected or deleted. Provides incredible flexibility for fine tuning.
  • Isolate or Remove ROIs at the touch of a button.
  • Boost or suppress individual instruments using a single slider.
  • User configurable startup mode and latency (depending on maximum desired quality).
  • Five audio quality modes 'Lowest', 'Low', 'Medium', 'High', 'Highest'. Selectable in real-time with full scaling of ROIs. Plan on low quality and fine tune at higher quality!
  • Multi-resolution ROI planning with ROIs retained between sessions and presets.
  • Scrolling multi-resolution Spectrograph display with 'land-marking' tool for cross-correlation of features within the Spectral-Spatial display.
  • Flexible control of Spectral-Spatial display modes.
  • Full PDC Compensation (in compatible hosts).
  • 20 Presets.

System Requirements
  • Windows 98 up to Windows 7. 32-Bit only.
  • About 1 MB of harddisk space.
  • 1+ GHz processor.
  • Audio application supporting VST plug-ins.
Demo Limitations

You get a 14 day trial period with full functionality and periodic blanking of audio output.



Note: A 25% discount is available on this plug-in when purchased as part of the Elevayta Productivity Tools bundle.

Refund Policy: We do not consider refund requests for products bought by mistake or products bought without trial (demo).

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